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mestondygerzm1890BHBooks. What can I say about books that hasn't been said before? Read, enjoy. Read again. Books are an endless source of enjoyment and a first source for research. Be kind to your books and they will be kind to you.

Image: Ruling machine. Early commercialhand operated machine for adding lines to pages.

  • The Use of Tools & Machinery; Mysteries Explored
    • Tools and How to Use Them for Woodworking and Metalworking. 1948. Alfred P. Morgan
    • Stanley 45: Seven Planes in One. 1913
    • How To Use Your Levard Workbench
    • How To Select, Use and Care For Bits.1939. Irwin Auger Bit Mfg. Co.
    • Hints On Using A Stanley Plane. c1950
    • The Lathe And How To Use It by Temple Thorold. 1867
    • How To Assemble A1 Hobbies Fretmachine, c1930
  • The Care of Tools: Sharpening, Fettling, Cleaning
    • The Art Of Saw Filing, Scientfically Treated And Explained On Philosophical Principles. H. W. Holly. 1882
    • Hand Saws. Their Use, Care and Abuse. How To Select, and How To File Them. Fred T. Hodgson. 1909
    • Read This Before You Use Stanley Planes. c1950
    • Proper Care Of Your Hand Saws! c1950. Porter-Disston Division, H K Porter, Australia.
    • Suggestions On The Care Of Saws, By C.C. Taintor.. Taintor Mfg. Co., 1908.
    • How To File A Hand Saw. 1916. The Simonds Manufacturing Company.
    • Concerning Handsaws: Some Hints On Their Care & Maintenance. Spear & Jackson. c1950
    • Servicing Your Saws. W. Tyzack, Sons & Turner LTD. Little London Works, Sheffield c1950
  • Plans; Expressly for the Craftsman in the Makeing of Stuff
    • How To Make Woodwork Tools. Charles Hayward. c1945.
    • The Art Of Fretwork - Hobbies. c1930.
    • How To Paint Your Home. New Era Paint. c1920.
    • Journal Articles - Work: 1889, Vol. 1. : Various homemade wooden planes and tools
    • Moxon's Waveform Molding Machine explained
    • The Glue Handbook: The Keystone Glue Company, c1930
    • Doing The Gluing: The Keystone Glue Company, c1930
  • The Carpenters' & Joiners' Companion; Instructions in Practical Trades
    • L'Art Du Menuisier (The Art Of The Joiner). Andre Roubo. 1769-1774. (Excerpts)
    • The Amateur Carpenter And Builder. c1904. (Chapt. VIII: The Carpenters' Bench)
    • More L'Art Du Menuisier, Andre Roubo (New York Public Library excerpts)
    • Felibien: Des Principes De L'Architecture, De La Sculpture, De La Peinture, Ed Des Aures Arts....
  • Miscellaneous but Nevertheless Fascinating Stuff
    • Patents for Useful Inventions. 1826. USPTO report.
    • Book excerpt and signature: The Property Of Hermon Chapin, Hartford, Con, May 12th, 1826.
  • Hazen's Panorama Of Professionas And Trades 1839